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Exciting news!

As of today, my book is officially available on the Kindle store and Amazon! If you have Kindle Unlimited, go ahead and grab it for FREE, or download a free sample!

I spent 2 years writing this story after coming up with the general premise, fleshing it out and making it a full blown series, and I had such fun doing it.

If you want to support it (or me), please go check it out The Daughter of Atlantis

Did you miss what it's about? Here's a recap:

Corinna is a young woman living in one of the most fabled cities of all time: Atlantis. To the rest of the world, the city never existed, an ancient myth passed down for generations. To Corinna, it is home- a city crafted by the Gods, hidden underneath the sea away from prying eyes.

Her destiny is to follow in the footsteps of her father, leading her district and the people that live there- if they let her.When Corinna is told that she must marry in order to inherit her fathers title, she is stunned. When that man turns out to be the nephew to the King- next in line to the throne- she is even more surprised. What follows is a courtship between her and the charming, handsome heir to the throne, and Corinna begins to think that maybe a life with him could be content.

That is, until a series of events transpires that pushes Corinna out of the safety of her city and into the net of a pirate ship. One whose captain has been incessantly searching for the lost city, and the riches that are sure to follow.A prisoner on the ship, Corinna must use her wits to escape, and keep her city safe from the ruthless captain that seeks to use her to destroy it. It won't be easy. There is danger around every corner. From pirate attacks, to shipwrecks, to sea monsters, and a certain dashing young pirate that makes her question everything, she will struggle to survive.

Worse, conflict is brewing in her beloved city, spurred on by her mysterious disappearance. Secrets threaten to tear it apart, and her attempt to return home is only the start of her worries.

Can she save her city from those that seek to destroy it, from above and within?

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