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Springtime News

Been a while since I've updated here. Life and work have been incredibly busy. However, I have been hard at work in my spare time getting things ready.

My book, The Daughter of Atlantis is almost complete!

She goes through final edits starting in May, at which point I will have a better idea of when she is ready for the world to see.

Secondly, the cover design is almost complete as well, which I can not wait to see! Once it's finished it will be shared on Instagram and here.

I am so anxious (and very impatient) to get this book out there. I've spent the better part of two years planning and writing it, and it will be so rewarding to see it through to the end.

Follow my Instagram, @ameliajunewrites , for updates (but mostly for cat pictures) as we get closer and closer to the end!

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