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A mythical city, hidden beneath the sea


Corinna lives in the most fabled city of all time: Atlantis.

Crafted by the gods and protected from prying eyes, her home is a peaceful oasis hidden underneath the sea. 

Forced to marry the heir to the throne to preserve her family's power, Corinna is thrust into a world that she never intended. 


Worse, Corinna is captured by pirates who wish to find her beloved city and destroy it. Led by a ruthless captain that will stop at nothing to get rich, Corinna will need to protect her city, and escape with her life.

It will be dangerous, and a certain young pirate will make her question everything, but if she wants to return to her people, return home, she will need to fight. 


Can she save her city from those that wish to destroy it, from above and within?

The Daughter of Atlantis is the first in a series of young adult historical fantasy novels.

Image of The Daughter of Atlanits book in paperback and kindle format.
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